Step One

Free Energy Audit

  • An Energy Audit on your current lighting infrastructure.

       - Determination of the type of bulb used.

       - The quantity of bulbs per type.

       - Hours/day spent using your lights

Step Two

Build a Report

  • We take into consideration what your current usage is as per your Utility Bill.
  • We then establish the rate  at which you are being billed.
  • Lastly, compare our Lighting infrastructure energy requirement vs. your current infrastructure.

Step Three

Findings and Reccomendations

  •  We will present our findings on the current infrastructure.
  •  We will then recommend a suitable solution that will give an immediate saving.

Step Four


We offer 2 solutions for our customers.

  • Capex Solution: Customer pays a cash 50% deposit and 50% on completion of the project.
  • Opex: Payment Created from Savings portion and a rent to own option is put together for the customer.

Step Five

Implementation / Maintenance

  • Once the payment solution has been agreed to and finalised, the implementation process begins.
  • A project plan is put together by the operational team and stock is procured or secured for the new project.
  • Once all required stock and manpower is accounted for, the customer is contacted and the installation date is finalized.
  • Implementation time frames are dependant on the scope of work and the nature of the installation dependent on the current infrastructure.
  • Once implementation is completed a project sign off needs to be given in order to implement the maintenance for the duration as specified in the contract.
  • The maintenance agreement is treated as an SLA and therefore we will do scheduled visits to sites to ensure that all lights supplied by Curo Veritas are working and in the event they are faulty will be replaced at no cost to the customer for the duration of the agreement.