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About Us

We started in the Energy Efficient business in 2011, at the time we concentrated on Solar Geysers, Heat Pumps and LED lights to reduce the monthly electricity spending of our clients. Our clients were homeowners and while most clients wanted our products, they could not afford the capital outlay. Luckily Eskom still offered the rebate program on alternatives to the element of geysers to provide hot water, but when they stopped the rebates, sales slowed down, and alternatives had to be found.

We started looking at finance options for our clients, but at the time there were only finance available for businesses and we start including businesses as potential clients.

Rather than continue under the same company, Solux Pty Ltd was established. The first aim was to get the Banks to finance LED lights, up to that moment, lights were seen as an expense, but when we sat down with the bank and explained our business model, we soon had finance approved for our first finance client, Marcopolo Buses. As far as we know this was the first finance approval on LED lights in the country.

Our module was simple and that was to create a monthly saving on the electricity bill that exceed the monthly repayment to the Bank. Giving birth to our first slogan “Do you want to be ‘paid’ monthly to have our product in your business.

Originally only Gauteng based we started dealing with clients that have branches in other provinces and by the end of 2018, we had agents/branches in the Western Cape, Free State, KZN, Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Our main products being LED lights, heat pumps, Inverter Air conditioners and Solar Power.

Some of our clients are (see list of relationships), we successfully completed over 700 installations in Southern Africa.

During this time while focusing on businesses, we did some houseowner projects for people working at the companies and schools that we helped and at the beginning of 2022 we finally secured financial institutions that provides finance to individuals and allowed us to also switch our focus to the homeowners’ market.

We want to be your renewable energy partner by offering flexible energy solutions, custom solutions, world leading equipment, painless installation process and excellent service. Our solutions are for all sizes and budgets, we come in at the lowest cost of ownership and offer flexible funding options.
We are not just a solar company, we look at what is the best for all clients. We base our solutions on the fact that it is cheaper to save energy than it is to produce energy. We design modular solutions to suit the upfront budget of our clients, while maximizing the return into their pockets.

To help us to achieve the maximum reward, we offer the following:

On Grid Solar Systems

Off Grid Solar Systems

Battery Backup

Heat Pumps

Solar Geysers

Inverter Aircons

LED Lights

Solar Lights

We have the design capabilities and experience to implement our designs. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our numbers and our service capabilities. We take pride in all our projects, no matter the size.

Our experience in energy efficiency, allow us to deliver reliable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. We are registered as a supplier with Banks, which allows us to offer finance solutions for qualifying customers on our projects.
We are committed to responsible practices and minimizing the environmental impacts of our products across their life cycle.
We have long understood that we have a responsibility towards our planet, our communities, and our customers. This responsibility drives our sense of purpose.

Since the beginning, we have placed sustainability at the heart of everything we do, focused not on meeting industry standards, but exceeding them and setting new ones.
We are driven not by recognition but “For the love of our Planet” and a desire to provide better and responsible energy efficient solutions. Solutions that meaningfully supports the fight against climate change.

Our approached explained

If you have an electricity bill of R2500 per month at a Rate of R2,50 per kWh you are using 1000kWh per month or 12000kWh per annum, that gives a daily consumption of almost 30kWh.

If you decide that you want to go 90% off grid, it means that you want to reduce your daily consumption to 3kWh or a saving of 27kWh per day. At an average production per day of 4,6 hours, you would need a minimum of 6kw Inverter and 13 x 450W PV panels, for the purpose of this explanation we will leave the batteries require out. Cost of these components being R75000.

However, if you replace your geyser with a heat pump or a solar geyser, you will reduce your bill by 13,5kWh every day. Your cost for a 5kW Inverter and 8 x 450 panels will be R45000 plus R18000 for the heat pump or solar geyser equals R63000. Therefore, for R12000 less you will get the same 90% reduction on your bill.

This saving does not consider the additional saving on battery costs.

Solar Inverters use power electronics technology to convert Direct Current (DC) energy from batteries or photo-voltaic (PV) panels (the sun’s energy) into Alternating Current (AC) energy to power AC loads. This AC energy (e.g. 230V AC singly phase) can be utilised to power ordinary AC-powered equipment and appliances, or fed into the national electrical grid where permitted. Solar inverters are critical components in solar photovoltaic systems and are available in a variety of sizes and functions.
Some solar inverters have the solar charge controllers and battery chargers built-in. A solar charge controller such as a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), tracks the PV panel array’s output voltage and current to obtain maximum possible power from the PV array in any given environmental condition. While the battery charger controls both the charging

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